​Commercial Laundry and Linen Cleaning Services in Chicago

Get professional laundry service and commercial linen service in Chicago!

Does your business generate dirty laundry, but you lack the time, labor force, or facilities to properly care for it? Logan Square Laundry is your solution! Our commercial laundry service ensures that your items are professionally washed, dried, folded and packaged to best suit your needs.

Whether it's hotel laundry like towels, linens and sheets, restaurant linens, or work uniforms, we can handle it all.

Our professional laundry service uses only the best equipment and leverages our industrial sized machines when washing your laundry. Unlike other commercial laundry services, we don't use low-cost detergents, and we care for your items individually, based on your company specifications.

Our experienced and outgoing staff make sure you have the best experience possible! Your items are always handled with care and folded or hung on a hanger and wrapped in plastic, to seal in that fresh, clean smell.

We're happy to provide our laundering services to commercial businesses from spas, chiropractors' offices and hair and nail salons to restaurants, fitness clubs, hotels, medical facilities and more.

Logan Square Laundry is Chicago's trusted commercial linen and laundry service.

  • Healthcare / Medical - Cleanliness is important anywhere, but even more so in medical facilities. clinics, medical offices, dental, veterinarians.
  • Restaurant Industry - Restaurants work hard to present a dining room full of crisp linens, but diners are messy and spills are common. Fine dining, steak houses, catering, country clubs, dinner events, cafes.
  • Hotels - LSL takes great pride in our high quality hospitality linen service. Hotels, popular resorts, motels.
  • Uniforms - Many businesses require employees to wear a uniform. Industrial, automotive, business, work wear.
  • Towels - Get professional help keeping up with your spa or gym laundry. Gyms, massage, spas, salons.
  • AirBNB - Tired of laundering sheets and towels for your AirBNB rental? You can schedule regular pickups online!
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Communities
  • Schools and Educational Facilities

Give Logan Square Laundry a call—we'll be happy to answer any questions and tailor our services to meet the specific commercial laundry needs of your Chicagoland business.