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We are a coin laundromat with several size NEW washers, including 20, 25, 30, 40,50, 60 and jumbo 80 pound machines. Drying is always FREE and we have FREE soap Monday thru Thursday. Our machines accept quarters, credit, debit and online payments. We also offer drop off and FREE delivery service.

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About The Owner

So here 's my story, I retired as a real estate developer in 2008 which I had been doing for 25 years. Prior to that I ran my family's 3 generation old printing company which I sold in 1991.

During these 35 years, I have owned a half a dozen restaurants. While bored in retirement, I was looking for something to do and thought I would open another restaurant, but when I came across a laundromat listed incorrectly under "restaurant", I took a look at it and two weeks later I bought it. I think back to my restaurant days when thinking of and referring to my customers. I enjoy talking to the older customers while they try to teach me Spanish.

The laundromat is a service business and you have to treat each customer with respect because they pay our salaries. We pride ourselves in our cleanliness and the polite service we provide.

Nobody likes to do laundry, so we try and make it as pleasant as we can! We have 4 large flat screen tv's which we will put a game on, a movie from Netflix or a cartoon to entertain the kids.